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Once you have commenced training, you are expected to progress through your assessments at a reasonable rate, which is generally not more than two months to complete any Unit. 

If there are good reasons for a delay, you must keep us informed so we can note this on your student records. Students that do not make satisfactory progress towards achieving the completion of training may have their enrollment suspended or cancelled.

AHPT Solutions will make all reasonable attempts to contact students, however when this is not possible the enrollment will be cancelled. Any student who is not progressing and who fails to respond to normal contacts for six months or more, will have their enrollment terminated.


We endeavour to create a safe and caring environment, as you have the right to experience a safe environment for your training experience without any form of discrimination. In order to provide you with this, under our duty of care we require you to treat all others with respect and dignity and refrain from using language or behaviours that are demeaning or discriminatory. We also require you to follow all of our directions and obey safety and infection protocols.


If you have a complaint and this is not readily resolved by friendly discussion, you have the right to enter into a formal complaints resolution process without prejudice or penalty. All complaints must be in writing. Where the complaint cannot be resolved internally, we will refer it to an external mediation source. All results of the resolution process will be recorded and you will receive the decision in writing


If you disagree with the judgement of your course assessor, or feel you have been unfairly judged Not yet competent' you may appeal the decision. The appeal must be entered within 30 days of the assessment decision. The process will be handled in the same manner as a formal complaint


Under Freedom of Information (FOI) you have the right to examine your student file, but may not take away any materials from that file. Before you can gain access, we require proof of identity in order to comply with privacy legislation. You may request photocopies of materials in the file, and an administration fee will apply to this 


If you lose your testamur, you can request a replacement and an administrative charge will be levied for this service. You will be required to provide proof of identity when requesting a replacement testamur.


Please contact us immediately if you change your address, contact phone numbers or emails or your circumstances change. If you fail to do this, you will not be able to receive mentoring to help you with your studies or will fail to receive your qualification or statements of attainment.

You may request copies of any student policies and procedures at any time, or ask to be issued with a print copy of the Student Manual before you enrol. Contact us if you require more information about your rights and obligations.


 Please note that all refunds attract a $150 administration fee.