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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of questions often asked by customers, and their answers. Please visit the Contact Us page if you have further questions you would like to ask us.

  • Are there any conditions and policies on enrolment?

    Yes, all our conditions of enrolment, our refund policy and how to leave feedback or complaints can be found on the student prospectus and Path Kit. You can request this information by phone, email or by following accessing RequestPath info kit

  • Can I use a credit card to pay for my chosen course?

    Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa and Bankcard. Purchase orders are also accepted from recognised employment services, as are cheques, money orders and direct bank deposits.

  • What is expected of me as a student? How should I prepare for the workshop?

    Prior to enrolment you are required to read our Student prospectus as to familiarise yourself with our policies. You will receive all relevant information prior to the workshop. Being work ready, registered and professional workshops dress comfortably and appropriately, with closed in footwear. All materials are provided for you, that includes manuals, you may want to bring a pen and a note pad if inclined to do so. Lunch is not provided, you may bring your own or you may be able to purchase it from the training venue (This depends on location). Morning tea and afternoon tea is generally provided (depending on venue facilities). Tardiness is not advisable at any stage during the workshop as it demonstrates unprofessionalism and disrespect to the team, and inability to prioritise. If you are going to be late contact AHPTS as soon as possible. Absenteeism’s from training without notification is considered "No show" and excludes you from further training. If you miss any part of morning or afternoon classes you will not be able to complete your training. Remember due to the nature of the skills trained you will be assessed on many grounds: Skill, ability to take responsibility for own work, team work, safety and care, communication, ability to participate, ability to follow direction and more.

  • Is AHPT Solutions a new company?

    No, AHPT Solutions (Australian Health Professional Training Solutions Pty Ltd) has been trading since 2004. We are an RTO National provider Number 91356 you can find us on the NTIS website.

  • What is the meaning behind the bridge logo?

    Our logo reflects both our values, mission and our direction. The bridge represents a path to achieving your goals whether they be professional or personal. We encourage and support growth and empowerment in the pursuit of your ultimate goals.

  • What can I expect from your practical workshops?

    Firstly, lots of hands on and real workplace simulations; for workshops that relate to the collection and processing of specimens you will spend a considerate amount of time in practical experience with introduction to each topic, plus training delivered with powerpoints and video aids. Our workshops cover all knowledge criteria and are especially dedicated to the practical skill requirements. We create a team environment in which we learn how to do instead of just talking about it. So get ready to have some fun! And remember all exercises are supervised as to retain the safety of all in the team.

  • What makes your workshops and training valid and nationally recognised?

    AHPT Solutions is a Registered Training Organisation registered in all states. Our training and assessment materials and business module respects the AQTF Standards and as an RTO we are dedicated to continuos improvement and quallity control and undergo yearly internal auditing and auditing by ASQA.

  • Your practical workshops have a practical and knowledge components what does it mean for students?

    Our training complies with AQTF Standards.The manner in which we plan and deliver allows for an in-depth practical and knowledge experience. We choose to dedicate specific and considerable amount of time in topics delivery,practical skills and practical assessments. For example the 2 day Venepuncture course HLTPAT306D (open to RNS only) is approximately a 60 hour program that includes 2 days training and practical exercises and assessments. At the end of this practical program you will be required to fulfil the knowledge assessments that are not included during the workshop. We do not believe that knowledge depth can be achieved in just 2 days whilst learning many new skills and concepts. This is the reason for detailing the program in 2 components that complete a matrix; and allows sufficient time for you to fulfil the requirements through self paced written assessments that can be completed on your computer, as fill in forms. At the end of the program at successful completion of both requirements you will be issued with your SoA ( Statement of Attainment) and have ability and confidence in the new skills and knowledge acquired.

  • I want to complete the certificate III in Pathology how long will it take me?

    Each enrolment in Certificate III in pathology is organised with our team and allows for individual needs and circumstances; we do not use one size fit all training and the time required to complete it varies depending on current experience or lack of and the manner in which you wish to pay and complete the 14 units required in the certificate. There are options for clients that currently work in the health sector for Recognition of Current skills (competencies) where applicable or options for Recognition of prior learning. Where no previous experience or training exist we advise clients to start with the practical components and follow through to our online units for theory units.

  • What about certificate IV in Pathology?

    Certificate IV in pathology is currently available to existing staff employed within the Pathology or medical sector whose primary duties and experience include collection of blood, Specialist collection, training and or management.

    Certificate IV in Pathology deals with units in specialist collections and has entry requirements such as a partial or full completion of Certificate III in pathology. Training specific to needs can be tailored to suit environment or industry as to benefit the participant from the various clients and procedures of each workplace. Certificate IV requires advanced technical skills and leadership in health technical work. AHPT Solutions has a strong Pathology background and experience, and we do not believe that the specialist collection units of certificate IV can be successfully completed by new entrants in a workshop or simulated environment. As the expectation is competency in technically difficult collections such as infants, children, frail and ill patients with special requirements (Example only). For this reason we do not combine Certificate III and IV in Pathology as a special to new entrants.  Many of the non specialist units, such as training and assessment stream, and management stream of the Certificate IV are available to new entrants. -RCC and RPL available

  • Do I need to be immunised prior to training and workshops?

While not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that students participating in the Pathology stream qualifications be immunised for Hepatitis A and B, prior to enrolment. The National Centre for Immunisation (NCIRSO) advises that adults should be vaccinated when there is an increased risk due to occupational exposure

  • I am under 18 years of age, can I participate in the pathology workshops?

The pathology stream is open to adults only as there are specific legislative and organisational requirements that are integral part of the skill-sets which need to be respected. I.E, Confidentiality, Consent, and more. For this reason we do not accept minors in this workshop