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About AHPT Solutions

Australian Health Professional Training Solutions (AHPT Solutions) is a private RTO (Registered Training Organisation) operating in the training sector since 2004. 
We deliver high quality and current national training Australia wide via workshops, distant learning and E-learning. We also offer recognition of prior learning and recognition of current competencies available to Existing Workers.
Our workshops and training are delivered throughout Australia in over 55 cities and towns. We especially cater to regional and remote areas where ongoing collaboration with local groups is encouraged and promoted.

We operate within our circle of competence, which resides in the Pathology, Medical & Business fields and corresponding skilled areas. Our team is comprised of Qualified Consultants, Trainers and Assessors, with expertise encompassing Registered Nursing, Clinical Psychotherapy, Personal Development, Group Work and of course pathology field as Phlebotomist, Pathology Senior collectors, Managers with specialist experience in drug testing, special testing, including skin allergy testing, venesections; quality management and customer service.

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AHPT Solutions Code Of Practice



This Code of Practice is designed to provide the basis for good practice for the marketing, operation, financing and administration of the Australian Health Professionals Training Solutions, hereunder known as ‘AHPTS’ recognises that it must conform to all relevant legislation, rules and regulations of industry associations or other accrediting authorities through which vocational education standards are set.  This Code is intended to complement those arrangements.

Marketing of Service

AHPTS undertakes to market educational services with integrity, accuracy and professionalism.  The marketing activities will not detract from the reputation and interests of other training providers.

Recognition of AQFT qualifications issued by other RTOs

AHPTS shall recognise all qualifications and Statements of Attainments which are nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.  The Units of Competency within these statements that are held in common with Units in Academy courses and training programs shall be given full and immediate credit transfer.

Access and Equity

AHPTS undertakes to promote access to all groups, especially those who might be under-represented in industry training.  AHPTS operates under several policies relating to equality of training provision and anti-discrimination in student selection and course conduct. 

The CEO has responsibility for ensuring that all students are treated fairly and without discrimination.  Information on Access and Equity is to be provided to all students prior to enrolment and with their Student Manuals.

Provision of Information

The attention of students and prospective students will be drawn to the existence of the Code of Practice prior to the commencement of each course.

AHPTS will also provide accurate information about costs of training, the time commitment involved in undertaking training, the requirements to complete the course and the recognition that the training has in terms of employment and further education or training.

Student selection

Recruitment of students will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner.

AHPTS will ensure that the general educational attainments of applicants at the time of application are compatible with their aspirations, the instruction offered by the trainer and the level(s) of study for which enrolment is proposed.

Contractual Arrangements on Enrolment

On enrolment, a contract is entered into between the student and the AHPTS who will make every reasonable effort to ensure that applicants are clear about their rights and obligations in respect of their courses of study, costs, payment arrangements (including refund conditions where applicable) and other matters that place obligations on them as students.

Educational  Standards

AHPTS will maintain high professional standards in the teaching methods used, including the means of assessing student achievement and in the supporting materials and equipment available to students.

In addition, the staff of AHPTS will be required to model the appropriate standards of personal and professional behaviour, dress code, grooming, occupational health and safety, ethics and interpersonal skills as set by industry standards.

Support Services

AHPTS will provide adequate protection for the health, safety and welfare of students and, without limiting the ordinary meaning of such expression, will include adequate and appropriate support services in terms of academic and personal counselling and orientation.

Language literacy and numeracy support services are to be provided and information regarding assistance with LLN and learning difficulties is to be made known to students prior to enrolment.

Complaints Mechanism

Every effort will be made by AHPTS to solve student grievances internally.  To this end, a member of staff will be identified to students as the reference person for such matters.  In addition, the grievance mechanism as a whole is to be made known to students at the time of enrolment.

Students will be advised of their right to make their case without fear of reprisal and also given information on their legal right to access to external moderation services and legal avenues.

Appeals mechanism:

Students have the right to appeal any assessment or Recognition of Prior Learning assessments which they feel have been unfairly applied.  AHPTS operates under Grievance and Appeal Policies and Procedures which are publicised to students at enrolment and covered in staff and student induction programs.

Students will be advised of their legal right to access to the Office of Fair Trading and under common law as relevant.

Financial Guarantees

AHPTS will make adequate arrangements to safeguard student funds, particularly with respect to advanced payments for courses or related matters for which students have contracted.  This will provide for reimbursements in the event of cancellation of the course, the whole or part of AHPTS being involved in financial failure and/or successful actions being brought against AHPTS from breach of the contractual agreement entered into pursuant to the Contractual Arrangements on Enrolment section of this Code.  This arrangement will protect the student, or his/her guardian, from bearing financial loss in the event of said events.

The safeguards may include trust funds, insurance policies, bank guarantees and the like, or other adequate measures to enable the student to complete the course(s) for which they have enrolled or transfer to another institution offering comparable courses.

Refund Policy

AHPTS has a well publicised refund policy which recognises the rights and obligations of both students and AHPTS

AHPTS undertakes not to limit their liability to make refunds by excluding, modifying or restricting in any way the rights and remedies available to student under this Code of Practice, the Trade Practices Act, 1974 and the Fair Trading Act, 1987 and any other State and Federal Act which applies to student and consumer rights.

Freedom of Information:

The student has the right to obtain access to personal and course information as retained in our records under the Policies and Procedures of AHPTS and under law.  AHPTS undertakes to keep all such information in Confidence and no records or student information will be released, discussed or shown to a third party or outside organisation without the written consent of the student concerned.

Teaching Clinic Code of Practice:

AHPTS operates and maintains an industry standard teaching clinic which is governed by its own Code of Practice.  AHPTS also requires the Principal and staff to be members of the appropriate professional associations and to abide by the Codes of Practice of those bodies.

Compliance with AQTF standards

AHPTS undertakes to employ all required Risk Management strategies to ensure compliance with the standards in order to ensure quality of training outcomes for all students.

As required by these standards, AHPTS will keep adequate records of the achievement of students and student financial records that fully reflect all payments and charges and balances due.