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Recognition Of Prior Learning -The Truth

Cristina Anzellotti - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Did you know that if you hold a 'Testamur' or Certificate level qualification for any Australian Qualification released by a Registered Training Organisation you are actually recognised Australia wide? 

Registered Training Organisation's (RTO's) have many specific obligations to both students and Government in order to both respect and maintain their registration.  One of these obligations relates to the requirement and ability to store and keep accurate information relevant to your competencies for at least thirty years.  This is done via an approved software system and includes other records as well.  Even in the event that a particular RTO closes down, the information needs to be passed on to the registering body for record.  In this case, the Australian Skills Quality Authority or (ASQA). 

Qualification certificate imageSome students are told that they need to complete certain training again to earn some qualifications.  It is actually a breach of standards for any RTO not to recognise your qualification and ask you to repeat it.  Contextualisation or in-house training, up-skilling, someone for specific protocols and procedures relevant to an organisation is one thing, but asking you to sign up for the same qualification again is something else altogether and is not ok.  Especially when we are talking about current qualifications.

The good news is new changes are coming into effect next year and they have to do with each learner/client receiving a unique number that identifies them in the ASQA system and will be theirs for life.  In brief, it will link all the training achieved; Past- Present -Future, under the Australian Qualification Framework.

Here at AHPT, we are looking forward to this as it will expose instances in which learners have been requested to 'double up' as outlined in the discussion above.  Currently the only way out is to place a complaint with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and many choose not to as it sometimes means complaining about an organisation that could provide you with employment and a salary and it becomes a choice between Principles versus Practical reality requirements. 

Just something to think about, and important information to keep in mind when seeking recognition of prior learning with a training organisation.

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