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Types of Pathology Courses

Cristina Anzellotti - Monday, July 29, 2013

For most of you reading this you will be looking for information regards an actual pathology course. But quickly for those who are still not sure what course they are looking to do and are unsure about what pathology actually is lets define pathology quickly.

Pathology course choicesPathology is one of the specialties in medicine that focuses on understanding the underlying nature and roots of a specific disease.

It supports every facet of modern medicine, from conception to all illnesses that we seek medical help for during our lives until a post mortem is carried out. So although pathology may not be the most glamorous part of the medical profession it is one of the most important in helping to diagnose illnesses.

Okay now we all have an understanding of what a pathology course may offer let’s examine the different types of pathology courses available.

Certificate III in Pathology HLT32612

This course will train and qualify you to take blood and other pathology specimens relating to specific areas in the health industry.

Certificate IV in Pathology HLT41812

Once you are qualified with this course you will be working with patients with more complicated needs and will therefore have a more extensive knowledge. You will also be handling the receiving and processing of samples during the pre-analytical phase.

Job titles for this qualification may include:

  • Specimen collector
  • Specialist pathology collector
  • Pathology collector
  • Team leader / supervisor
  • Lab assistant
  • Pathology specimen receptionist
  • Pathology Lab Assistant Trainer