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Medical Practice Manager Courses

Cristina Anzellotti - Monday, July 29, 2013

When a patient recovers from an illness the majority of the time they will give credit to the medical professional that treated them which is fair enough, however, in order for the doctor, dentist or pediatrician to be able to concentrate 100% on the patient a lot is going on behind the scenes and all this is being done by the medical manager.

Although it doesn’t take as long to study to become a practice manager the responsibilities and pressures can be just as much as a specialist surgeon, that is why experienced practice managers are in high demand and if you are thinking about taking a course in medical practice management it is a good decision.

The course that you would be looking to do to be qualified as a medical practice manager is the Diploma of Practice Management HLT52012 where you will learn to manage the operations of practices as well as being involved in the promotional side of things. The course can be completed in six months if you study full time. The course is made up of units and you need to complete a total of 16 units. You can chose from certain units called elective units but have to complete 10 core units as they are called. Below is a small list of some of the elective units you will be choosing from just to give you an idea about what you can expect to be studying. There are over 30 units that you will be able to choose from:

  • BSBADM502B             Manage meetings
  • BSBAUD503B              Lead a quality audit
  • BSBCUS501C              Manage quality customer service
  • BSBFIM501A               Manage budgets and financial plans
  • BSBINM501A               Manage an information or knowledge management system
  • BSBMGT502B              Manage people performance
  • BSBMGT515A              Manage operational plan
  • BSBMGT516C              Facilitate continuous improvement
  • BSBADV507B              Develop a media plan
  • BSBMKG501B             Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

Once you have completed the diploma of practice management the next step would obviously be to secure a job in a health related practice however if you are a person who is ambitious this course could be just the start to a very rewarding career.

A medical practice manager works behind the scenes as mentioned and if you enjoy this type of management position that involves planning, budgets etc then once you have some work experience behind you there are more courses that you could consider to climb higher within the medical industry that will train you with improved skills and will allow you to become responsible for more important tasks.

The important thing to remember with all medical related diplomas, degrees or courses is that they alone cannot guarantee you a position anywhere; it is a combination of qualifications and experience that will help your job prospects within the medical industry.