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How to Become A Health Care Worker

Cristina Anzellotti - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A healthcare assistant is one of the groups of healthcare workers that are essential in the overall functioning and running of a healthcare institution. Healthcare assistants usually work under the guidance or supervision of a physician and their duties cover documentation and record-keeping but may also include initial patient assessment as well. These responsibilities are a tremendous help to physicians who would now be able to focus on providing more essential patient care activities.

Persons who are considering starting a career in as a healthcare assistant would find themselves faced with the option to work in a variety of environments such as hospitals, doctors’ offices and homecare facilities. Because of varied work settings, health care assistants may find themselves to be responsible for tasks such as obtaining a patient’s vital signs, extracting blood samples and other basic medical procedures. There are also areas in which they can specialize, such as focusing their work on settings such as chiropractors’ offices, podiatrists’ clinics and so on.

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Choosing a career as a healthcare assistant would entail training for those interested to be in this field. Some facilities provide an on the job training, but it is a better option to undergo post-secondary education training program. There are numerous technical and vocational schools that provide these trainings. These typically are done under a 12-24 month period where didactic classroom lectures are enhanced with clinical experiences to help prepare future healthcare assistants.

Aside from the trainings, a professional certification is also necessary for some states. These certification programs indicate a level of proficiency of healthcare assistants and make them a step above all the others who do not have it. Obtaining certification is achieved when an accredited training program is finished by a candidate and the accompanying certification examinations are passed. Because one of its goals is to provide professionals who are a step above the rest, some of these certification programs are renewable after a time period, usually three years.

Cristina Anzellotti