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How to Apply for A Certificate III in Pathology

Cristina Anzellotti - Thursday, March 20, 2014

One of the most essential components of the health care service is the provision of accurate laboratory and pathological test results to patients and their health care providers. This ensure that these patients are being properly diagnosed of their conditions and that they receive the care that they need. Pathology workers are only some of the people responsible for this outcome.

apply for pathology training

These pathology workers vary depending on their skill-sest, usually work in the laboratories and are responsible for the preparation and processing of samples used in pathology testing in the laboratories. Pathology collectors are often the workers responsible for the collection of specimens which are then tested by the laboratory and in some instances, transporting them. To be able to do these tasks, they should be able to have competencies the Certificate III in Pathology program.

Certificate III in Pathology is an entry level qualification, requires good communication skills (LL&N), per se the qualification has no entry requirements. For foreign applicants, a proof of English proficiency is also required and is usually measured via the International English Language Testing System or IELTS examination. An applicant must have a band score of at least 7.0 in the Academic Training module of the IELTS to be able to have satisfactory English language proficiency. Also, the applicant in these training courses should also possess skills in communicating with other people and gathering pertinent information that can increase one’s competency in doing the job of a laboratory pathology collector, which has many customer care requirements.

Moreover, since the holders of Certificate III work in situations where contact with body fluids are inevitable, proof of having been successfully received the Hepatitis vaccine is also a requirement. This is double purpose since it is a requirement that is a part of the vocational placement, and also serves as the protection of individuals working as pathology collectors in the laboratories.

This qualification holds 14 units of competency, and delivered in mixed mode delivery, which includes a workshop component and self-paced study which you complete via online or manuals. The time required for this qualification is highly dependent on the amount of  time you spend on your studies.

Practical components are covered in a 5 day consecutive workshop, followed by a knowledge assessment, this is for a contextualised partial ( The skill-set ) containing 6 units of competency relating to the safe collection of blood and other specimens, within a laboratory context.

The remainder of the units are available as self paced.

Recognition of prior learning also available

Cristina Anzellotti