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Pathology Collection Training

Monique Bolland - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Pathology Collection involves the taking of specimens or samples from a patient to be further tested by a laboratory.  Collecting specimens can involve the taking of blood samples using a needle or evacuated system, and  can also include other samples such as skin, hair, nail, bodily fluids and other; and performing patients test like ECG TRACINGS ( electrocardiograms) or spirometry with the use of diagnostic equipment.

Training to become a Pathology Collector requires a multitude of interesting skill-sets.

Many of our students enrolling in blood collection (pathology collection instead of blood) courses already work in the health and community sector such as doctors office, Hospital, Clinic or Medical centre as a Medical Receptionist or similar, including mining sites and industrial facilities which need drug testing facilities.

Qualifications in Pathology Collection Can:

  • Increase the duties you carry out in your day to day role as a medical staffer.
  • Increase your value to an employer or potential employer.
  • Improve your job security and help you become an indispensable team member.
  • In many cases increase your take home pay.
  • Improve your professional career and outcome

It’s important to note that Pathology collection is one part of a larger Pathology process.   Blood and Specimen collection is the only part where there is patient contact and your personality and care for others gets to shine.

The blood or other specimen samples you collect WITH CARE AND DIGNITY are passed onto laboratories which run tests for medical diagnosis, based on the doctors instructions.

All our students where ever they are in Australia receive full and professional training in Pathology Collection.  Our pathology courses cover many units not available from other RTO’s and are recognized Australia wide and industry wide.