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Recognition Of Prior Learning

An RPL pathway can assist in fast-tracking your qualification and lowering costs, Although it should not be considered an easy way to your qualification, as it can take multiple attempts to collect the necessary evidence.

work experience qualifications If you hold a previous qualification or have specific skills and currency you can apply for this recognition process.  Simply let us know and we will email you an RPL kit for completion.  Further meetings can be attained by email, Skype, mail or phone interview. You will be required to submit a detailed portfolio and work documents to be used as evidence or to be assessed in your workplace, by arrangement.

RPL is known in the industry, as an assessment pathway.  The timeline in which you can complete the recognition is dependent on accurate and complete collection of evidence by you, for assessment by one of our assessors.

This means you are responsible for submitting complete and correct evidence in line with the following rules of recognition;

  • Evidence must meet all requirements and  standards as set by the unit of competency for the qualification.
  • The evidence must be valid, current and relate to your own work or position
  • It must be sufficient, comprehensive to allow us to make a judgment of competence

Once the evidence is received the process of assessing your competence begins. Each unit is opened and each piece of evidence needs to be linked to the various performance criteria or requirement for that unit. At this point, we will contact you to discuss ways of collecting further evidence if required. If learning gaps are identified in this part of the process, further training or assessment will be required

A challenge test can be asked of you to prove that you have the knowledge and skills required to obtain your qualification.

GAP- TRAINING          
Gap- training may be required when evidence is found to be insufficient to meet the standards of the unit of competency.

We charge an initial RPL fee at the time of enrolment, it includes the assessment of your portfolio, conducting interviews, communicating with your referees and readying reports.

Should you need gap training, you will be required to pay moderate additional fees, which will be invoiced only after they are discussed and consented by you.

Note: The Qualification must be paid in full prior to its release.

If you choose not to complete the qualification, either because of insufficient evidence or other you will be released Statement of Attainment for the units in which you have proven competency.

For more information and assistance about RPL contact us directly.